K-fee Lattensia+ Machine

Using pod coffee machines is the most convenient way to get café quality at home or your office. 

Coffee is grounded to your machine’s settings. The perfect amount of freshly ground coffee is sealed in the capsule to ensure long lasting freshness. It means you don’t have to worry about ordering fresh coffee beans, storing your beans in an airtight container, grinding your bean for each coffee or adjusting your grinder to match your machine’s requirements. With a coffee pod machine, you simply insert the pod, press the button and within seconds, you'll have a delicious coffee filled with aroma and topped with the perfect golden crema layer. 

Getting more out of K-fee System

When you purchase a coffee pod machine, you purchase a coffee system. Coffee pod machines from K-fee produce consistent results, which is proven to be difficult to achieve from standard espresso bean-to-cup machines. K-fee has a range of machines from a basic model with 2 cup sizes to an advanced all-in-one model with 23 drink functions. K-fee System has been serving Australian coffee lovers for over 10 years. K-fee is loved for its reasonable priced entry level machines, that are built to last like the Wave and Cube machines. In recent years, K-fee has released more advanced machines like Grande, Twins II and Lattensia+ with larger capacity and more drink functions.

K-fee capsules contain 8g of ground coffee per capsule (from ~AU$0.44). There are two recommended capsule brands in the market for K-fee machines: ALDI Expressi(from ~AU$0.44) and Mr & Mrs Mill (from ~AU$0.60). ALDI Expressi pods can be purchased from any ALDI stores nationwide. Mr & Mrs Mill Capsules can be purchased from k-fee.com.au website and major Marketplaces.

Capsule order tip:

If you are busy and prefer online shopping, k-fee.com.au offers a Subscribe and Save feature. You can choose a subscription period to suit your needs. Don't worry, there's no lock-in contract for the standard subscription. You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime.

*Pricing as at 29.03.2022 and subject to change.