K-fee Cleaning Capsule and Water Filter

It is generally well-known that water contains lime scale. Admittedly there are regional differences in lime content, but sooner or later unpleasant lime scale shows itself in every household - including in the water tank of your capsule machine. It's a warning sign; too much lime scale not only looks unpleasant, but it can lead to technical problems with your machine in the long-term. 


Using a liquid descaler is recommended – at regular intervals of two to three months is best. Flush approximately 100ml of liquid descaler with 400ml water through your capsule system. This is a quick process. Using a water filter is also worth considering. This is put into the water tank and prevents not only calcifications, but filters many substances influencing taste and smell out of the water.   


At first it seems that cleaning inaccessible places within the machine is difficult, such as the brewing chamber. So, with the help of professional partners, we have developed a cleaning capsule for this purpose. Its use is simple: brew the capsule just like a normal drinking capsule (40–60ml). Then flush it with clear water and your machine is clean and ready to use again.      

To clean all individual parts, you can revert to a liquid cleaner. Simply place all of the individual machine parts in the cleaning solution overnight. Then rinse all parts in warm water. 

One thing is certain: Through regular cleaning and care, you will receive consistently high-quality drinks. And your machine is also guaranteed to thank you with a longer lifespan.

**Cleaning capsules will be available in Australia in mid-2020