Coffee pods and machine by K-fee

Coffee pod systems are extremely popular, especially for a busy family. Most coffee pods are single-serve freshly ground coffee sealed inside a pod. The home-use coffee pod machines have become wildly popular due to their convenience. These coffee systems allow regular families to choose a wide range of brews catering to everyone’s needs, all at the touch of a button and in the comfort of their home.  

Are coffee pods worth it? 


If you love a good dose of decent coffee, spend a lot of time at home or in the office and/or often entertain guests, the choice is very straightforward. It is worth it! Convenience is key. Freshly ground coffee that is tightly sealed in a pod. Café quality coffee is brewed from the machine with just a touch of a button. Many machines, like the K-fee Multi-Beverage Pod Machine range, have a quick rinse button so there’s no messy cleaning up afterward. Save precious time to spend with your family, get to work or simply enjoy your coffee.  

If you regularly visit the cafe for a dine in or takeaway, you save even more time travelling and waiting for your coffee. 


Coffee pod systems produce a highly consistent quality coffee, time after time. If you enjoy frothed milk with your coffee, you can buy a separate automatic milk frother. K-fee Lattaero Milk Frother is a quality machine at just $119. More advanced fully automatic coffee pod machines can make a perfect cappuccino in just a minute.  

Simple Process 

Unlike a traditional coffee machine, there’s no multiple complicated steps. There is no need to have a grinder or testing the different grinding fineness levels each time you change the coffee bean/flavour. There isn’t a portafilter to empty and clean. 

With a coffee pod machine, you simply just need to keep the water tank filled, stock up on your favourite coffee pods and empty out the used pod tray once a day (or more frequently for those coffee enthusiasts).  

K-fee has a range of simple to advanced machines that are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. 

Fresh Coffee Storage 

The Coffee beans can start to deteriorate quickly once you open the pack. Coffee pods are sealed allowing them to stay fresh for longer.  

Cost saving 

Coffee pods are not only convenient, they are also very affordable. The savings can add up quite significantly - especially if you drink multiple coffees a day from your café.  

Mr & Mrs Mill range is made for the K-fee Coffee Pod Machines. Coffee is slow roasted to achieve the best quality coffee. RRP $0.60 per coffee.