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If you consciously look around, you will discover so much beauty every day. Such as this impressively complex lungo with subtly floral facets which is made with Arabica beans from Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Our gentle drum roasting brings out its silky, slightly fruity character and its captivating full body.

We dedicate our heart and time to slow-roasted coffee. We love the smell and the craftsmanship of teasing out the characteristic flavours that are locked inside the beans. By using coffee beans from all over the world and gently and carefully roasting them, we are creating refined, full-bodied blends for your moments of enjoyment.


The K-fee Mr & Mrs Mill coffee capsule range is full of passion. It offers a tempting variety of coffee blends. What makes it so special is that Source the coffee beans for the Mr & Mrs Mill directly from sources. Our coffee beans arrive at our state-of-the-art facility and undertake a thorough quality assessment. This is how we ensure that the coffee beans are perfect quality. At K-fee we have green coffee from the best growing areas in the world. Our roasting masters compose the best coffee blends for our K-fee Brands. We run numerous roasting tests to determine which roasting profile is optimal for the current batch of coffee beans. Coffee blends are combined for the best results. This is a complex process that, despite all the technology, is primarily a matter of taste and passion. You can taste the quality from the K-fee Mr & Mrs Mill capsules! Over and over again, with reliable taste.


Consumers who buy roasted coffee beans for the first time often aren't always aware of how their coffee will taste when used with their coffee machine. Many parameters can change the taste such as: the age of the roasted coffee, the quality and fineness of the grinding (depending on the grinder, e.g. in a fully automatic machine), the brewing temperature and the brewing time ... the result can taste good or it can also taste completely different when used with different coffee machines. This uncertainty factor does not apply to K-fee products. We match the roasts exactly to K-fee capsule machines! We test the taste in our K-fee capsule machines. Most importantly, we make sure that the taste, is consistent when used with your K-fee capsule machine at home. Coffee is grounded to the perfect degree of grinding and sealed tight immediately after filling to seal in the freshness. We have done all the hard work to ensure the quality is perfect for your pure enjoyment at home.

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