K-fee Twins II Capsule Machine

Have you ever wondered why your coffee doesn't taste like it used to? It's probably time to clean or even descale your capsule machine. There are a few simple things you can do to bring your machine back to its glory.

Cleaning your machine with K-fee cleaning capsules.

By removing coffee oils, fats, and built-up milk deposits from deep inside your K-fee machine using our dedicated cleaning capsules, you can enjoy the true taste of quality coffee at its best.

How often should I use the cleaning capsules?

Every 2 weeks.

We recommend using K-fee Cleaning Capsules fortnightly to ensure that your machine is hygienic at all times. 

Descale your machine with a liquid descaler.

Descaling gives your machine a deep clean. A few signs that indicate your machine needs descaling are when your coffee is not hot enough or coffee tastes more bitter than usual. Your K-fee Twins II, Twins II & Latte, Grande, and Lattensia+ machine will let you know when it needs descaling. 

We recommend descaling your machine using a liquid descale solution.

When is a good time to descale my capsule machine?

Every couple of months or once a month if you are a heavy user.

Please reach out to our Customer Support Team [hello@k-fee.com.au] if you require further assistance. 

Note: never use vinegar, vinegar-based cleaner, salt, tablets, or powders as they can harm the hoses, seals, and gaskets in the machine.