K-fee EDM Perfect Latte

Have you ever wondered how to make a perfect latte at home? Making a perfect latte at home is much easier than you think. We'll show you how to make a perfect latte in the comfort of your home within a couple of minutes without all the mess.

Key ingredients



  1. Prepare an espresso (single or double using one or two capsules) directly into a latte glass.
  2. Fill the Lattaero Milk Frother to the lower level. 
    MILK FROTH TIP: Take the Lattaero milk jug from the base, fill milk into the jug. Please note the capacity limits: for hot milk do not pass the upper "MAX" bar, for milk froth do not pass the lower "MAX" bar. Never fill below the "MIN" limit. 
  3. Press the latte button Lattaero Latte Button to make perfect latte milk froth. You can also make firm cappuccino froth or cold/hot milk froth using the Lattaero Milk Frother
    TIP: You can make the milk froth with the milk frother while your Twins II & Latte is brewing the espresso. 
  4. After frothing your milk, begin pouring the frothed milk into your espresso from a high position. Continue to pour whilst lowering the milk. Ensure a small amount of firm milk froth sits on top after pouring.
  5. Enjoy your Latte!