We all agree that making a good cup of coffee at your home or office without having to get out the door is so indulgent.

To get the most out of your K-fee machine, here are a few simple tips from us:

Care for your machine

You can get better tasting coffee by regularly clean and descale your coffee machine! Read on to discover the difference between cleaning and descaling your K-fee coffee machine and tips on how to descale yours.


If you get the bitter or stale taste in your coffee, it can be caused by the all sorts of unwanted impurities (coffee oil, bacteria, yeast and mold) that reside in coffee machine. By cleaning your machine, you can remove these impurities. Cleaning Capsules are available here.

From time to time, your machine will require descaling to remove mineral buildup. Your coffee contains water with minerals such as calcium, magnesium and lime. These minerals can build up inside your machine.

Mineral buildup can cause our coffee to taste off or bitter. In the some case, mineral buildup can prevent your machine from achieving optimal brewing temperature, clog the water flow and prevent your machine from working at all. A sign of this happening in your K-fee machine is when your water indicator is flashing red and not brewing coffee. 


Release capsules from the brewing chamber after each use. Empty the spent capsule container when you are finished making your last coffee of the day to prevent any unwanted little visitors.

Thoroughly clean the removable parts regularly with dish washing liquid and warm water at the end of each day.

Deep clean your machine and all removable parts roughly once a month. We recommend you to use these Cleaning Capsules biweekly. They are are available here.


Descale your machine with approved products.


Our recommendation is that you always use liquid solutions to clean and descale and never use vinegar, vinegar cleaners, salt, tablets or powders, as they can harm the hoses, seals and gaskets in the machine.


Turn off at the plug when you are finished making your last coffee for the day.