What is Cappuccino?

  • 26/02/2021

What is Cappuccino?


Cappuccino is a popular coffee type loved my many. It's an Espresso based coffee topped with a layer of warm milk and a thick layer of firm milk foam. Many cappuccino fans enjoy it because of the firm yet fluffy texture of the milk foam mixed with delicious coffee. In Australia, cappuccino is enjoyed with a generous layer of coco powder dusting on top making it even more desirable. 

Typically, a cappuccino consists of approx. 25 ml espresso plus 125 ml warm milk and foam. The milk foam is made from 100 ml of cold milk milk (full cream, soy, oat, almond milk etc.). To be more specific, the mixing ratio is 1:4. Cappuccino is ideally served in a preheated, thick-walled cappuccino cup with a capacity of 150-160 ml. The basis of the recipe is not just any coffee, but a strong espresso (#10 or #13), in which freshly frothed milk is poured in the middle. This delicate process pushes the crema to the edge of the cup and forms a round wreath. The espresso blend should have little acidity, be well roasted and provide a lot of crema. This goal can be achieved with pure Arabica coffee or a blend with Robusta coffee.


Make a delicious firm milk foam Cappuccino at home has never been easier. Our K-fee store has some ideal options, which could turn you into a coffee snob.

Selecting the best milk for your Cappuccino

We recommend fresh full cream milk or barista rated plant-based milk for best foam results.

Selecting the best coffee for your Cappuccino

For best results, choose a strong espresso blend with little acidity and well roasted to provide a lot of crema. This ideal combination can be achieved with pure Arabica coffee or a blend with Robusta coffee.

One-touch Cappuccino

The Lattensia+ has an automatic one-touch Cappuccino function so all the work is taken care of. Alternatively, you can make café quality Cappuccino with other machines by following two simple steps below: a 

First step, make the Espresso

Here at K-fee, we are very proud to offer a range of machines that deliver wonderful espresso with real crema, which is the basic requirement. By default, the espresso has a volume of 45 ml, but you can also reduce the volume by 30 ml using the Programable Cup Size function in the Wave, Twins II, Twins II & Latte or Grande machines.

Next step, make 125ml milk and milk foam

Use 100ml of milk to make 125ml milk and milk foam mixture using our quality Lattaero Milk Frother. This Swiss engineered frother is available for purchase separately or as part of the Twins II and Latte Machine.

Now, the ‘cappuccino’ magic happens

Pour the freshly frothed milk in the middle of the prepared espresso. This delicate process pushes the crema to the edge of the cup and forms a round wreath. 

The Lattaero Milk Frother can make beautiful firm milk foam, which most other milk frothers can’t achieve. Many of our customers have attempted to master Cappuccino milk foam art with this milk frother.

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