Sustainable and responsible coffee

  • 05/03/2021

Sustainable and responsible coffee

Drinking coffee is always a WIN. In fact, it’s a WIN-WIN situation especially when the farmers, workers and our planet can also benefit.

Mr & Mrs Mill Coffee is sustainably and responsibly sourced from UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified farms. As an UTZ-certified company and member of the Rainforest Alliance, we are committed to the relevant regulations which ensures resource-saving production and better living conditions for farmers and their families.

UTZ is the largest certification program in the world for sustainable Coffee.

UTZ Certified Coffee is fully traceable and is produced sustainably and responsibly. This means appropriate and modest use of fertilisers, pesticides, water and energy, protecting the ecosystems. Children of coffee farmers are sent to school rather than put to work. Farm workers are given decent labour rights, housing and healthcare. Whilst farmers are empowered to act as professionals and become better businessmen and women. More about why sustainable coffee is better for the environment. 


Rainforest Alliance and UTZ have joined forces since 2018 to form a stronger organisation that will better protect our people and planet. Not only they work to normalise sustainable agriculture, forest management against climate change; but also educate farmers & workers and form new benchmarks to improve human rights.

Source: Rainforest Alliance

Buy with confidence! Each Mr & Mrs Mill cup of coffee will bring you quality coffee pleasure and together we can make a greater contribution to help the land and people’s quality of life.  

A wonderful world of capsules

A wonderful world of capsules

A unique selection of capsules with delicious flavours from Mr. & Mrs. Mill. Each of the capsules will deliver a new taste experience, with a crema that displays the quality of the coffee. Cup after cup, sample your way through the range – and let your taste buds guide you.

The unique K-fee crema

The unique K-fee crema

A rich crema - the layer of foam on top of an espresso - is the hallmark of a perfectly pulled shot. The K-fee integrated filter system presses the ground coffee together, just like a barista’s tamper. Thanks to unique technology and the automatic interaction between the machine and the capsules, you can enjoy your favourite drink with a perfect crema.

Slow roasting coffee by Mr & Mrs Mill

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