THE PROCESS: FROM BEANS TO PODS We buy the coffee beans for the Mr & Mrs Mill coffees ourselves. Our coffee beans arrive at our state-of-the-art facility and undertake a thorough quality assessment. This is how we ensure that the coffee beans are perfect quality. At K-fee we have green coffee fro

A very simple and delicious treat to make this easter holiday! If you are practicing social distancing this Easter and staying in, this recipe will make a fun activity to keep you entertained and enjoy. Coffee in an Easter Egg became hugely popular a couple of years ago and we all enjoyed it. T

WHICH MILK FOAM DO YOU LOVE MOST? When was the last time you had a cup of instant coffee, by accident, at your office or at your grandparents? We live in lucky times that coffee specialities like cappuccino, flat white and latte are virtually only an arm’s length away when we visit the high stree

VOYAGE OF THE HUMBLE JUTE SACK When we think of how green coffee (raw beans) is transported, those wonderful, boldly printed jute sacks immediately come to mind. Often, they are adorned with a strong and colourful motif: they make sought-after decorations for trendy coffee shops, or re-emerge in

Be it a cappuccino, a latte or a flat white – in Australia, more than half of coffee drinkers prefer the popular hot drink brewed from beans with added milk. But why do coffee and milk actually complement each other so well, and what makes the perfect froth? Don't worry, you don't need to be a quali

Ripe and bright red – this is what the coffee cherry looks like when it is picked from the bush. But before the coffee can be shipped as a raw bean in the well-known jute sacks, it has to undergo several processing stages. The reason is simple: a freshly picked coffee cherry contains around 60 perce

It is generally well-known that water contains lime scale. Admittedly there are regional differences in lime content, but sooner or later unpleasant lime scale shows itself in every household - including in the water tank of your capsule machine. It's a warning sign; too much lime scale not only loo

Did you know that it takes about 35 freshly picked coffee beans to fill a coffee capsule with 8 g of roast coffee? An impressive number – especially considering that the coffee beans were harvested by the pickers almost exclusively by hand. It may require a large amount of time and effort, but it al

For many people, the perfect start to the day is enjoying a coffee speciality prepared with their K-fee capsule machine. However, who discovered coffee originally, and how? That's not an easy question to answer, as the discovery of the coffee plant is shrouded in numerous myths and legends. We would

You own a Dolce Gusto®* capsule machine but do not want to limit yourself to the currently available range of capsules? You would love to discover new coffee, milk and tea specialities instead? Then the new K-fee capsule adapter is the perfect solution for you, as it allows you to prepare the full r

Capsule for capsule, K-fee offers you a fascinating taste experience. We use only carefully selected raw beans from the world's best coffee growing regions for our coffee specialities. However, where exactly are those regions and how is coffee actually farmed? To answer these questions, we would lik